Community Groups

We believe that Community & Relationships are essential for growth and for making it through life as followers of Jesus. Our first priority is to get you connected. After that, you can take advantage of the various programs and opportunities for service and spiritual growth. We also want to come alongside families to strengthen marriages and help parents (single and married) succeed in their parenting.

Group Finder

Adam and Jodi SeaholmCrossroads: Pentz/Merrill - Time: Friday at 6:00pm
Bob and Dyanne FragaLocation: Vista Village Clubhouse - Time: Thursday at 6:30pm
Caleb and Becky CoxCrossroads: Nielson/Elliot - Meeting Time: Mondays at 5:30P.M.
Dave and Debbie RichardsonCrossroads: Yorkshire and Nothingham - Time: Thursdays at 6:30pm
Dave and Ginny BrunsCrossroads: Bille and Pentz - Time: Every other Thursday at 6:30pm
Dave and LaShawn MontoyaCrossroads: Filbert and Sunburst - Time: Wednesday at 6:15pm
Glen and Debbie CampbellCrossroads: Pentz and DeMille - Time: every other Sunday at 5:00pm
James ShorterCrossroads: Malibu/Pentz - Meeting Time: Wednesday at 5:30pm
Jim & Wendy LightbodyCrossroads: Old Magalia Skyway and Indian - Time: Monday at 6:30pm
Jim and Jeanne KashnerLocation: Old Skyway - Time: Thursday at 6:30pm
John and Janice HarrisCrossroads: Wagstaff and Moss - Time: Thursday at 6:30pm
Kyle and Shana BrockCrossroads: Pentz and Gate - Time: Thursday at 6:30pm
Larry and Laurie KnifongCrossroads: Pentz/Norwood - Time: Monday at 6:30pm
Mark and Melanie MilburnLocation: various in Magalia - Time: Tuesday at 6:30pm
Matt and Libby LarsonCrossroads: Skyway and Pentz - Time: Sunday at 5:00pm
Mike and Jody GablerCrossroads: Bille and Skyway - Time: Tuesday at 6:00pm
Mike and Susan NewtonCrossroads: Roe & Foster - Meeting Time: Tuesday, 6-8pm
Roland and Valerie ResendezCrossroads: Bille and Forest - Time: Wednesday at 6:15pm
Ryder/Haggerty GroupLocation: off Coutelenc - Time: Friday at 6:00pm
Shawn and Shere ShinglerLocation: Achillies Ct. in Magalia - Time: Tuesday at 6:30pm
Steven and Liz LLoydLocation: varies in Paradise/Magalia - Time: Tuesday at 7:00pm
Tim BolinCrossroads: Conference Room at Church - Time: Wednesday at 6pm
Trevor DavisCrossroads: Elliot/Sawmill - Time: Wednesday at 6:30-8:00pm
Wally and Wendy SeidenglanzCrossroads: Pearson and Stearns - Time: Thursday at 6:30pm